Serious Chicken at Purbird in Prospect Heights

After a long and cold (they made me restock yogurt) shift at the food co-op, I swung by Purbird for a late lunch.  Purbird is a new grilled chicken place on 6th Avenue and St. Marks.  It’s gotten great reviews so far, so I was excited to check it out.  The chicken is, in typical Brooklyn fashion, all farm-raised, antibiotic and hormone free, veggie fed, and free roaming.  Phew.

It was quiet when I got there around 3PM (read: no one there).  I ordered half a chicken for $8.95 and had to wait about 5 or 6 minutes.  There’s a decent amount of seating at Purbird, including a table outside.  I ended up ordering my chicken to to have it at home with some veggies I needed to use up.  I was pretty impressed.  The chicken was awesome, cooked perfectly and very juicy.  And there was a lot of it, definitely enough for 2 people, if not 3, so a cheap dinner if you pick up a 1/2 chicken and throw together a salad or a side at home.  They also have wraps, salads, chicken burgers, and a chicken pie (only $4) that I want to try next time I’m there.  And soon free delivery.  Definitely recommend a trip there.


82 6th Avenue / Brooklyn NY / 11217


Check out the complete menu here.


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