SUPERFRONT takes over Industry City in Sunset Park

All images via Architizer

From Architizer:

This past Sunday, SUPERFRONT launched their Public Summer Program with a new installation by the emerging design duo CO (Naomi Ocko and Christina Ciardullo). Hidden in Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the installation uses thin ropes strung from the tops of two adjacent warehouses and anchored uniformly in a row to the ground. Tied to these ropes are long strips of translucent plastic, much like your average garbage bag.


The space is perfect for outdoor performances, which is exactly what SUPERFRONT is proposing. They are currently calling for entries from local performers, non-profits, community groups, arts programs, and others to use the 3,000 sq ft space on the weekends from July 23 to August 28. To submit your entry, click here or check out the SUPERFRONT website for more information. To check out the space, make your way to 2nd Avenue between 35th and 36th St. in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

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