nymag’s grub street: gold coast delicatessen + jerk chicken showdowns

via nymag

Excited to check this place out. From Grub Street:

What to Eat at Gold Coast Delicatessen, Now Serving Pastrami in Bay Ridge

The owners of the long-awaited Gold Coast Delicatessen told The Brooklyn Paper back in April that their new project would be “styled after the Katz and Carnegie delis of Manhattan.” The place has soft-opened in Bay Ridge, and while its menu has got the pastrami, chopped liver, and beef hot dogs, for sure, the look is an understated kind of IRT chic: subway tiled walls and dimmed filament bulbs in wire sconces, but also long communal tables set out with real, living plants. One corner four-top is even set with large, comfy-looking leather chairs. Owners Ted Mann and Michael Esposito (who also own Bar Matchless, Cebu, and Apartment 138 among other spots) are planning a grand opening party at the end of the month to coincide with the arrival of their liquor license (Gold Coast also has a full bar and four taps). That’ll give the meat cutters in the back a few weeks to practice.

Also appreciated this post on the aftermath of the Red Rooster C-grade inspection:

Restaurateurs to Caribbean-Restaurant Haters: Stop Being Jerks

Cleaner than Red Rooster?

Recently, a group of elected officials and Caribbean restaurateurs held a rally to let the world know not only that their restaurants are well-maintained, clean, and delicious, but, more to the point, that they were stereotyped in a quote in the NYDN article about the C-grade inspection of Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster. The article quoted an investment banker (really, who else would it have been) as saying “The Martha Stewarts, Bill Clintons and Tyra Banks of the world eat here,” before he asked, incredulously, “If this is a C, then how do dirty jerk chicken joints in Flatbush get A’s?” During the rally, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Jamaican-born Assemblyman N. Nick Perry said, “I invite everyone to come to the 58th Assembly District and sample the finest jerk chicken this side of Kingston, Jamaica; I promise you will be pleased with the taste and the cleanliness of our restaurants.” Who’s up for a visit to Flatbush this weekend? [Brooklyn Daily Eagle; Earlier]


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