Curbed: Atlantic Yards – How Brooklyn’s Arenafication is Going

via NYT

From Curbed’s Revenge of the Megaprojects:

On the heels of last week’s news that the second phase of the Atlantic Yards project needs a more thorough environmental review—one that could delay construction on phase two—the Times checks in on how the Brooklyn megaproject and its many, many controversies are going. Here now, some updates.

The arena, aka building 1 of 17: Actually under construction! The building is set to open in September of next year, and tomorrow the installation of the weathered steel facade will begin. The neighborhood’s already gotten a preview.

Jobs: Senator Charles Schumer once said the project would bring 10,000 jobs to the area, between the arena construction and nearby subway and rail infrastructure work. So far the project has employed…430 workers.

Funding: The developers are hoping for $249 million worth of loans from foreign investors as part of a green cards-for-cash program. Status: investors still being vetted.

Office tower in front of the arena: “On indefinite delay” because there’s no anchor tenant.

Rats: Local tenants have been complaining about a “rat tsunami” caused by the construction, so developer Forest City Ratner will be giving residents vouchers for rat-proof trash cans. Meanwhile, maybe residents of Atlantic Yardsville should form a support group with folks who live along the future Second Avenue Subway.

Parking: Residents are still none too pleased with the fact that 1,100 parking spaces will fill, for now, the land that’s someday supposed to be the site of the project’s residential buildings. The parking spots will go underneath the towers once they’re built, but that doesn’t have to happen for another 25 years.

And, of course, the most pressing question of all: will Bruce Ratner ever watch Battle for Brooklyn? “Eventually,” he tells the Times. But not where anyone can here him “aw” over Daniel Goldstein’s adorable newborn.


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  1. Dee

    14 of the 430 jobs are local at that!!

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