congrats to cheryl’s global soul!

via new york daily news

Congratulations to Prospect Height restaurant Cheryl who recently won the NYC Small Business of the Year Award for Brooklyn.

From NYC. gov:

“While it is great to receive this recognition the best part of going to work every day is not just doing what I enjoy, but seeing the familiar faces of the neighbors and regulars, some of which are 4 and 5 years old, about the same age as Cheryl’s, who are growing along with us. Cheryl’s staff is as diverse, global, and warm as the community it embraces. The success of achieving what I set out to be—that comfortable place for any time of day—is what is most rewarding to me.”

Cheryl Smith opened Cheryl’s Global Soul in Prospect Heights in 2006 to fulfill her dream of opening a restaurant that “would be a staple in the community, a haven for artists and writers, and contribute to the vitality and prosperity of the neighborhood.” Before she opened her restaurant’s doors, there were few venues for the creative patrons of the Brooklyn Public Library and visitors to the Brooklyn Museum to dine. With the restaurant’s addition came a warm, welcoming space in the community that features global, home-style comfort food, reminiscent of Smith’s Jamaican heritage and serves as a gallery for local artists to showcase their work. The restaurant employs 17 people and is part of the Washington Avenue Merchant’s Association, an organization that seeks to engage in community-building activities in Prospect Heights/Crown Heights. In addition to running Cheryl’s Global Soul, Smith also hosted a show on the Food Network, Melting Pot, and works with ACCION USA, a microfinance organization, and the Tory Burch Foundation, where she mentors small business owners. Smith plans on opening a second restaurant in Brooklyn and is also working on entering the retail market to be able to sell her food to people around the country.


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