ice cream takedown this sunday!

From The Takedown:

Holleee crapppp 20-30 scoops of Brooklyn Ice Cream for you to judge!  At the Bell House- July 17 at 4PM.  Want to know why it is July 17? Because Chief King Ronald Reagan decided in the 1980s that America needed it to be National Ice Cream Day.  And he even made July National Ice Cream Month, so basically in July, you know how you must behave: all happy and dancing, probably…

In case it is not immediately apparent, the poster is of a bunch of zombie mummies advancing with spoons- their only weapon  against an extraordinarily powerful zombie mummie that has a Sundae instead of where brains should be.   The poster was drawed by an awesome kid i know. Hey! These zombie mummies need all the help they can get!  Come join the fracas!!!



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