brownstoner: top ten hardware stores in brooklyn

Another top-1o list.  This one far more useful.  Here’s Brownstoner’s list of the top hardware stores in BK:

The results are in from our thoroughly unscientific poll to determine the most popular mom-and-pop hardware stores in Brooklyn. (To be fair, given the reader demographic, it would be fairer to say “in Brownstone and North Brooklyn.”) So without further ado, click through to see the list in the order of popularity based on a total of 654 responses.

1. Mazzone’s True Value, 470 Court Street
2. Tony’s Hardware, 181 Smith Street
3. Leopoldi’s True Value, 415 5th Avenue
4. Pintchik, 478 Bergen Street
5. Tarzian Hardware, 194 7th Avenue
6. Sister’s Community Hardware, 900 Fulton Street
7. Crest True Value, 558 Metropolitan Avenue
8. Almac Hardware, 2 Newkirk Plaza
9. R&A Hardware, 109 5th Avenue
10. (tied) Greschler’s, 660 5th Avenue
Big Brothers Hardware, 1327 Fulton

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