sad: gothamist reports joe jonas nerf balled by “hostile williamsburg crowd”

via gothamist

I’m confused why his people ever thought a show in Williamsburg was a good idea…

From Gothamist:

Last week PAPER magazine hosted a concert featuring Swizz Beatz and… Joe Jonas (the middle Jonas brother, you guys!). The odd pairing came together in Williamsburg at the House of Vans, which in the invite we received is described as an “ultra-cool indoor/outdoor Brooklyn space” offering up Corona, Ben and Jerry’s, and (at least on this night) Nerf basketballs—aka plenty of things to throw at Joe Jonas! The Daily News reports back from what they deem “Brooklyn’s hipster capital,” saying the 21-year-old Jonas was promptly pelted with the balls once he took the stage, and was further met with cringing, “booing, jeering, and stony silence.”

The paper describes the crowd as “hostile [and] hard-core… in their frayed jeans, acid-washed tanks, jean vests and oversize eyeglass frames.” And notes they “didn’t even react when Jonas showed off his newly sculpted torso by taking off his blazer to reveal a tight tank top.” This article is hilarious! Anyway, we talked to Alexis Swerdloff at PAPER, and she tells us the whole thing (which some are labeling an “assault“) is more overblown than a hipster’s overized eyeglass frames, saying:

As someone who was standing in the middle of the crowd during the entire performance, I can say that yes, there were a few balls thrown onto the stage—but they     were promotional balls that were being thrown around all night—and that Joe was hardly met with stony silence! Rabid fans lined up around the block hours before the performance and were screaming throughout. We wish, however, that Joe had used his newly sculpted mega-arms (which this hipster definitely noticed) to throw a ball back into the audience.

Former teen heartthrobs, fear not, Williamsburg will embrace you, even if it’s ironically.

Also love that the person that called the incident an “assault” is (my new favorite) the blog Hot Momma Gossip.


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