Brooklyn Market: Woodstock of Eating

Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

Another article about the very successful and very delicious Smorgasburg market held each Saturday in Williamsburg.

Start with a sure thing like the fried anchovies ($6) at Bon Chovie, a delicate fish that tastes like the ocean; or the chorizo sandwich ($7, $10 with blistered pimentos on the side) at Bocata; or the sloppy dog ($8) at the Meat Hook, a hot dog smothered with chipped brisket and slaw. Or go to Cemita’s and start with the namesake sandwich ($9), including chipotle spread, avocado, pickled onion and carnitas, that’s too big for one person, too messy to share. Accompany it with a yuzu, lime leaf and honey lemonade ($2) from 4πr2, or fresh watermelon juice with aloe ($5) from Salud.

New Yorkers of a certain age will head directly to the cold sesame noodles ($5) at Shorty Tang & Sons, an essential dish from the days of Danceteria. The stall is operated by Casey and Gilley Tang, grandsons of the chef who is considered by some to have perfected the creamy, lightly spicy noodles in the city. The other item for sale is a spicy daikon salad ($4), fresh and peppery with a touch of sweetness. That’s it. Like many of the stalls, Shorty Tang & Sons keeps the menu short.

Read the complete article here.

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  1. EasyGreen

    Love the anchovies at Bon Chovie and the Park Slope Pink at SALUD!

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